Friday, 26 April 2013

Grafting an apple rootstock in 8 easy steps

Rootstock - get rid of leaves if any. Grafting should be done in winter but as I grafted at the beginning of April the plants were starting to wake up already. This is an M9 (dwarfing) apple rootstock.

Cut rootstock at an angle. The secateurs must be clean and sharp.

Make a 1cm cut in the middle. Again knife must be clean and very sharp (sorry for the poor quality of the photo)

Scion - this is just a cutting from an apple tree which variety you like, best from last years wood. The scions can be kept in the fridge in a plastic bag with a damp tissue wrapped at the bottom in bunches if they are taken days or weeks before you graft.

Same cut as with the rootstock.

Push the scion into the rootstock trying to match the inner barks (cambium layers). Here's where the magic starts!

Wrap it round for protection from desiccation and excess water favouring mouldy growth.
Don't forget to label it or you won't know what it is until it fruits in a few years!!
...excuse my filthy fingers

And that's it. The newly grafted apple tree has been born. After care - Put the plant in a protected place away from winds and strong sunlight. Rub off buds that may appear below the union. If the thing works successfully you will see some growth from the scion by July at the latest. Happy grafting!

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Bulding a pergola for kiwi and grape vines.

Spirit Level anyone??

Brackets are brilliant Agen! It's gonna look the bollocks!